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Childcare Near Glenview

Re: Full-time, playbased, preschool near Glenview
We just started our 2 year old son at a day care/ play based family child care home in Oakland; near Glenview on 21st Ave at E 29th. [2935 21st Ave.] It is called Eden Child Care Home and is run by Mrs. Kim and her husband, a retired Korean Methodist minister.
We are only into week 2 but so far, so good... not fancy but safe and fun for our little guy, who is starting full time this week. Check it our for yourself-- I would love to hear your impressions as well. Their number is 510-533-3922. It is affordable, they serve mostly organic food, and have flexible hours.
I would say it is about 7 blocks from Park& Beaumont intersection ( I am not sure about what part of Glenview you live in.... ) I looked at other preschools near Glenview but they were mostly just far too expensive for me, or strict in regards to hours..... Anyway, i hope this is helpful to you... Elena (October 2008)
2 Eden Childcare has been wonderful for my daughter j.b. 2010-10-12
1 Childcare Near Glenview Elena 2010-02-27