Momˇs Corner
Eden Childcare has been wonderful for my daughter
I spent a good 6 months looking for the right place, and Eden Childcare has been wonderful for my daughter.  Mrs Kim ran a Kindergarten in Korea, and her husband is a minister--they provide a warm, comfortable, child-centered atmosphere and my daughter is very happy spending her days here.  Previously my daughter "got into" and attended a more formal preschool in Rockridge, but it just wasn't a fit.  I could see that she needed something smaller, warmer, and more intimate, and I'm very glad to have found it here.

She brings home drawings, and fun little crafts including her favorite, a pink and purple bead bracelet.  It's a home childcare full of a wide-range of toys and manipulatives.  Mrs. Kim also provides a delicious hot lunch.  She remembered my daughter's birthday and arranged a little party, including a special lunch, balloons, and had the other kids make birthday cards!

I'm much more relaxed at work since I know that my daughter is comfortable and happy and in great hands.